Ideas with Repurposed, Reclaimed Wooden Pallets

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    Pallets are not a thing to throw away as garbage and it is done by many people around the world because they don’t know the worth of them, but those who know for which purposes they can be used are wise as they save a huge amount of hard earned money. There are many plans and ideas to modify the wooden pallets into the things that are beneficial for the home like the furniture and the decorative items for adorning it in the attractive way. Here are some ideas for repurposed and reclaimed wood pallets that are easy to copy.

    Ideas with Repurposed, Reclaimed Wooden Pallets

    We are going to show an idea first that keeps the mess away, see the laundry cupboard and it is great to store the clothes that are dirty. The washed clothes can also be stored in it and it is up to the homeowner which he/she likes to place in it.

    pallet laundry cupboard

    Created & Shared by: Jana Rogers

    The idea presented here is not just great for the home with the people who are reading lovers, but for the person who have a room full of books in it. See the wood pallets bookshelf and you can create it within a few days.

    recycled pallets bookshelf

    Created & Shared by: Chris Williams

    A vanity is an essential thing in a girl’s room because they need to dress up with the makeup every morning for which they need a specific place to set the makeup items. There are many drawers in it to place the items of daily use.

    wood pallet vanity with a lot of storage

    Created & Shared by: Ron Miller

    Now have a look at the bed plan with the space to sit or place the stuff toys like the idea shown here. The pallets are painted with white color to create this bed and it is giving a sober look that everyone will praise when they come to know it is created by hand at home.

    wood pallet bed plan

    Created & Shared by: Colette Barnard

    The lawn is a place which should be decorated with innovative things because most of the homes contain it in the entrance. So, here is a shipping pallet made planter idea which will allow placing many flowers at a time for making the lawn colorful as well as attractive.

    pallet planter idea

    Created & Shared by: Amy Joyner

    When there is anyone in the home who likes to drink or loves to drink with the friends, then there should be a special place to set the wine bottles with the glass. The pallets are just treated with the sander and they are not painted, but they are still looking awesome.

    pallets bar

    Created & Shared by: Tyrone Zabal

    Now have a look at the idea which is for the outdoor seating need, copy this bench and coffee table plan for enjoying the time with the friends. It is a great place to have a cup of tea with the gossip session with the dear ones.

    Pallet Bench and coffee table

    Created & Shared by: Tyrone Zabal

    Mail box is in every home, but how about making it attractive and give a different look? See the idea of planter around the mailbox presented here and copy it if you think it will make your mail box look appealing and different from the ones available in other homes.

    pallet planter around the mailbox

    Created & Shared by: Nicklace Kyfosh

    Here is a cool idea for the summer season, copy this pool deck idea if you are a swimming lover and want your kids to enjoy at home. There is no need to spend a lot if you want a pool deck, just manage some time and copy this upcycled wood pallet pool deck idea.

    wood pallet pool deck

    Created & Shared by: Tammie Johnson Hernandez

    Here is another awesome idea for adorning the garden of the home; this planter is not hard to copy because just the pallets need to be attached with each other straight. The plants of different colors are making it appealing for the lawn.

    pallet wooden planter

    Created & Shared by: Sarah James

    We have shown a bar idea earlier, but this one is funky with the colored paints with which the pallets are colored for this bar idea. This is also a small bar creation idea which can be copied for the home bar need if there are people in the family who need a special place to drink.

    wooden pallet bar

    Created & Shared by: Sheila Knapp Gramaglia


    wooden pallet rustic shelf

    Created & Shared by: Liz Taylor-Edwards


    wood pallet corner shelf board

    Created & Shared by: Jana Rogers


    pallet kitchen cabinet

    Created & Shared by: George Koeturius III


    wood pallet wall art

    Created & Shared by: Patty Deveney Smith


    pallets rolling island

    Created & Shared by: Brenda Belcher


    recycled wooden pallets

    Created & Shared by: Dale Miles

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